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Python Hyssssteria (

Papa(red tshirt,top),Sunil,Manoj,Jimmy,TMKarthik(with ears closed)

Python Hyssssteria’ marks a successful comeback of evam. With a brilliant star cast, great direction, simple sets and apt costumes, lights and music, all the ingredients of a successful production have been fulfilled.

Python Hyssssteria is a collection of Monty python’s 16 sketches from “The Flying Circus”. Fondly known as the ‘Beatles of comedy’, the Python’s (comprising of six men, one American and five English) inspired a whole generation of comedy writers and artists. They were an instant success in the UK with their unique approach to the works of Edward Lear, Oscar Wilde and Lewis Carroll.

No doubt, evam has rendered justice, showcasing the original work of the Python’s. Keeping all the nitty-gritty in mind, justice has been done not only to the sets but also to the costumes. The direction is commendable ensuring continuity despite 16 different plots requiring 16 different sets and characters.

The music is well chosen and adds weight to the dance sequence interspersed to change sets. The idea though unique, left more to be desired in terms of choreography. Focus on the costumes of the dancers would have added more grace to the dance. The sets were kept simple with some chairs and tables. The props included stuffed Pythons and a bird, which peered at the audience.

The lead cast includes Karthik k, Sunil Vishnu, Jimmy, Karthik Srinivasan, Manoj Nair and new talent like Ajai Titus and Amrita Ramkumar. The cast’s treatment of the comedy ensures that one is rolling with laughter.

The 16 acts vary greatly from one another guaranteeing no repetition. The sequences range from a disciplinarian Headmaster's nonchalance towards a student’s death due to excessive lashings at school to the unbelievable tales the characters come up with to describe their past lives of drudgery and poverty going to the extent of narrating their lives in a box.

This production is a MUST WATCH with the art of timing perfected to ensure that the humour is fresh and nerve tickling. This HSBC-sponsored production was presented at the Sivagami Petachi Auditorium from the 14th of January to the 18th of January 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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In case you also had been to “Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium” in Chennai at around 9.00 pm you could have just about realized what these Lines just about meant.
Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to enlighten you about the Craziest British Comedy I have ever walked into…. Kudos to the Evam Club for organizing this Theatrical Drama.
If it hadn’t been for the fact that Divya (one of my Friends) were a part of this play I wouldn’t have ventured into this unknown terrain of watching play-acting, and I must add on this fact that I found this indulgence very rewarding.
“Python Hyssssssteria” was the title of the Play, there was no combined script nor a screenplay, but just a paradoxical mixture of completely irrelated but entirely funny episodes. What really made the play more interesting were the commendable performances by many of the actors (baring the screeching voice of a few protagonists their protean attitude was certainly an eye-candy)
Almost all of these episodes had a slight tint of Black-comedy, but were nevertheless exhilarating; esp I loved watching “The Argument Clinic” wherein the protagonist enters a shop which offers therapy using Arguments, Abuse, etc.. equally interesting were “The restaurant” , “Buying the Bed” and a few more. But I must add that “Head master” added a bitter taste in the end.
But “All’s well that end’s well” or so the last play involving burlesques of Michelangelo was well received and the entire play ended on an Philanthropic note, with the organizers encouraging us to donate blood and money for charity.
Apart from the fact that this was my first Drama watching-debut, I was amazed by how captivating Theatre can be, cause I never felt the passing of 2 hours. Comparing this to a modern day flick, comprising of 10 Heros, 25 Heroines, Loads of Senti- effect I must say that my 100 Bucks were well spent.
p.s: The moment I entered my house around 10.00 pm I realized that I have my FMS(Faculty of Management Studies) entrance exam.. and i haven't yet prepared ... Bohooooo ;-(

January 21, 2005 8:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
python comes to bangalore

i took the day off yesterday. needed all the sleep. met up with evam team. saw the play too. monty python. it was crazy. absolute madness. i personally think it was a good performance. 'swar and kapes stayed over. 'swar and i dint talk much. we were too sleepy. had to just doze off. there wasn't anything much.
when i was seeing the play, i was reminded of many a things in the past. it was as if the story i had imagined in my head while someone narrated the entire thing over phone, was unfolding itself right before my eyes. after many many years. deja vu. it really was that way. there were no emotions attached. no strings pulled. just deja vu.
you only think you've forgotten. but you can never forget. it's there somewhere stored. tucked away safe amidst some grey n white and some black cells. hmmm. 'twas good.

January 21, 2005 8:49 pm  
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