Monday, January 02, 2006

Wassup 2006

For evamites , New Year's began with a bang ! In fact, they religiously started the partying on the night of 31st December itself, in keeping with the ritual. A show of "Python Hysssteria" was staged in the Accord Metropolitan Hotel where evamites thoroughly enjoyed putting up a fabulous show. I guess Python does remain one of our favourites, and one of the favourites of our audience too.
The last week of December had each one of us on our toes - the office was abuzz with excitement - this was not just about our Python show for New Year's ! Coming up next, is our freshly brewed production "Chapter two" - also by Neil Simon !!!!! And hey, do not think of this as one more of Simon's play - critics all over the world claim this to be the best of all his works. What is interesting is also that it is based on his true life experience !
"Chapter two" is no longer just a raw script for evamites anymore owing to the number of thorough readings that have already been done. Characters have been dissected in all possible ways and feedback on the play/characters has been received !! The poster/bookmark/ticket design have been conceived! Walk into the evam office now, and you would see each one of us in our committees, noses screwed up and eyebrows raised in concentration !!Rehearsals are in full swing !!! This month, the atmosphere is gonna be almost "festive" in the evam office - guys, pardon me for saying that - 2 weeks down the line , i know that "festive" is not quite the word i would be using to describe it , but hey, enjoy it as it comes .

Thats all folks !!!!!
( for now, at least)

- Anushaaaaaa


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