Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Shit on a Shingle"

"Ha.. I mean Ho Sir!"



"Day 1 at BILOXI" Posted by Picasa


Anonymous rsprasanna said...

Hey! great photos! especially the last one with the perspective from Jimmy.

I have always wanted to tell you this, but it skipped my mind.

Why hide such a potent weapon of mass attraction from the people.

Insted of some graphic on your ads, why not put the production photos.

Show the audience the people he is being invited to see on stage. Show him the colours, the light, the life he will see unfold on stage. useing the photos.

Its very potent.

I ve always wondered why it has never been used.


September 15, 2005 10:33 pm  
Anonymous rsp said...

and who shot the photots, especially the last one and the one with Mike and Gibran

September 15, 2005 10:34 pm  
Anonymous rsprasanna said...

I am flumboxed!

Of all plays, this is the play some people are saying is "too long".

I can't believe it!

And especially the scenes which I thought are so beautiful - at the script level, and on stage. Because i saw the premiere show, and was WOWED.

Well, it is a learning experience, this.

Some saying it is too long, and I, the conceited student that i am - sticking firmly to my stand! ;-)

A great play this. :-)


PS: And there were plays whcih were "too long". We all know that. But this play... and the way you guys did it at the premiere! wow! I actually am not sure why I am writing this. maybe, my way of saying, "Buddies, I am there to vote for you. And I am not alone!" Some shows might not have been top-notch. but then again, some were! So, hope the Top Notchness continues, and zaps the audience! :-)

September 19, 2005 7:46 am  
Blogger Nikhil Kulkarni said...

Great Photos!! Suppose you've hired a pro to cover your event this time.
Btw you have been tagged .. something great I want you guyz to write ... kindly visit this link to find out abt the 'tag':

October 04, 2005 11:42 pm  

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