Monday, July 04, 2005

The new face (...well almost)

At evam, the cornerstone of our work has been to provide an avenue for entertainment that provides both long-lasting and instant gratification to our audience. Some may ask as to how is it possible to attain these two conflicting goals. To answer that question, let us consider the example of evam Indrajit. As a play, evam Indrajit has a number of instances that provides the instant gratification that was spoken about earlier. For example, the scene where Aunty tells the writer that all his questions about his existence would be solved if he got married. As a part of the audience one is bound to laugh or at least titter because it is a statement we can relate to-the same scene having been staged at some stage of our lives.

Diametrically opposite are the feelings that the writer invokes in us when he says that Indrajit is someone who sees life realistically and yet dreams about it romantically. It’s a statement that lingers in our senses long after the lights go out. We lie back and think of lost ideals tempered by the vagaries of living in today's age.

It is going to be our effort to use this space to discuss the various issues that life throws at us. Yet why use this space for such a purpose when we can use this to just keep our audience informed about the happenings at evam. It is our belief that theatre in a larger sense is an alter ego of life itself and to perform theatre it becomes a pre-requisite to study life. The issues could be as random as
Ivan's submissive nature, Mark's problem of letting go, Felix's indulgence in self-pity, Paul's stuffed-shirtedness to Auntie’s constant ramblings about food and to find the pattern in this madness of the four letter word: Life.

---Saraaaaaaaansh Mehta


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