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Want to see Your Life in 3 Acts?

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Presenting ...
the play we have been working on for the last 3 months...
the play which was started by Bhagyam..
the play closest to our hearts...
the play which inspired us to leave our jobs and start "evam"
Our first production of season III

“evam Indrajit”- your life in three acts
in association with The Madras Players.

For more Details Visit our website

DATES and TIME – 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th June 2005 – 7.15 pm
5th, 12th June 2005 – 2 pm
VENUE – Sivagami Petachi Auditorium
And REMEMBER! we are having only 6 shows so be sure to pick up your tickets ASAP!


For Door Delivery just Call 5224 5224
For further details and/or blockings call the evam helpline - 98402 22363

We also have the iDREAM CONTEST which will help you follow your dream and bring it to reality! (a part of it atleast!) Write in less than 100 words about your dream and what you will/have do/done to achieve it + counterfoil of the ticket and stand a chance to win Rs. 10,000!

So hurry- before it becomes house full!!

team evam


Anonymous balaji said...


was at your first show yesterday. great play it was. but a touch too lengthy.

a brilliant effort

June 05, 2005 5:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all
This is Priya here.
I wish to congratulate team "evam" on yet another stunning performance (evam Indrajit)...Mr.Sunil was absolutely fabulous on stage and so were the others with special mention abt "Indrajit's" role..
With regards to the theme,I dont know if i have the right to express, but it sounded all too real,except having left Indrajit as confused as ever...I probably felt that the play could have projected him 'stronger than before' with greater convictions ...At the end of it all, the "writer" ,seemed very clear abt what life demands out of every individual...but dont u think it would have left a harder impression if the same confidence and feeling of resurgence was portrayed by Indrajit himself and specially after he's been through all the frustrations?
Its just a comment and i do not know if Iam right.With due regards and accolades to all your performances,let me sign off here!!

June 06, 2005 1:52 am  
Blogger Sriraam Selvam said...

Best of Evam production... starting to believe that you guys can provide quality as well...

But i think you lost it out in the end... the intended message was not delivered to the audience... lettin people to consider the play to be a darker version of the Badal Sircar original rather the optimists approach.... Kudos to Sunil and Asim.... Sunil was at his natural best ( i think he is the best 'in-house' actor in Evam :-D) and Asim i guess first time at Evam and what time he is having, i thought he set the stage alight with his sheer sense of timing in dialogues... in all a treat to quality-starved Chennai audience... but the ending disappointed me

June 07, 2005 6:28 pm  
Blogger shooshaa said...

thanks balaji,

its a "different" play from our side.. first indian play from evam- we tried doing justice to the "badal sircar script"- making it relavent to our audience of today -yet not losing the essence.

as for the length- you should see how much we already cut from the original(esp the poems)... couldnt have removed more!!

keep watching!

June 09, 2005 11:41 am  
Blogger shooshaa said...

hi priya,
thanks for the feedback-and please keep telling us what you think- it means a lot!

as for indrajit, being "stronger than before".. in a way he is.. after going through everything and not able o find answers - thats the way he would react.. after coming full circle-he is starting again on the path to optimism.. but cannot be fully suddenly supremely optimistic- thats what we thought.

June 09, 2005 11:52 am  
Blogger shooshaa said...

hi sriraam,

thanks for feedback- but i dont quite agree that it was darker than badal da's script .. infact we after a lot of discussions - made the end more optimistic than he ever the last lines again..

at some level-the play( a street theatre format in its originality) is meant to be a rude shock- wake up before you become a sleeping zombie going round and round !

June 09, 2005 11:56 am  
Blogger Sriraam Selvam said...

hey sunil,

you are dead right with your observation the idea is to create an awakening... which definitely did not happen with your production and that is why i say it s not in lines with the message of the original script!!

Anyways i would like to know who completed the direction of the play... i know Bhagyam shaped it but who gave it the final touches

June 09, 2005 12:54 pm  

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