Monday, February 28, 2005

Reading-Day one

Sat through the first reading with evam of the new play that we intend to do in june, evam Indrajit by Badal Sircar. There were 13 of us sitting in a circle and reading the play.evam Indrajit is a play that evam has been looking to do for a long while and it is also the reason why evam calls itself "evam". The setting consisted of an open terrace, a light wind, dimming light, with a moon of no particular form and 13 of us reading evam Indrajit. After we finished reading the first act, and we were asked to give our first impressions about what we had read, we thought we were not sure we had formed an opinion but as the discussion continued we all discovered a variety of things, some that we had not noticed and some that we had only subconsciously noticed but not attached importance to. It brought up an interesting topic about rules applied to women and whether the play itself was dated, in the sense that was it relevant in today's world and about Indrajit himself. Looking forward to reading act two today.


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