Wednesday, January 26, 2005

At the Unwind Centre (Barefoot in the Park)

Evam, as a part of its fund raising drive for the palliative ward of thecancer institute, organised a light music concert at Vinyard,Nelson Manickam Road on 21st January, 2005. There was an audience of 80 people and theconcert started off with a group called Yaatra. They started with songs suchas "endrendum punagai","Ab ke sawan" by Shubha Mudgal and had a veryinteresting jamming session in between, with their drums and mridangam whichwas greatly appreciated by the audience.

Next was a group called SoulFire which consisted of students from Loyola. Asthey took their places on stage, Sunil, addressed the gathering and told theaudience about the cause of the palliative ward and told them as to how evamwas doing its bit to promote palliative care. Collection boxes were passedaround and the audience contributed generously.

The group Soulfire struck anice rhythm with "Enna ma kanna" and had the crowd swaying with its firstsong. The second number was an own composition "Kaathali yen kaathali" whichhad a nice lilting tune to it.The next song was Pal by KK and the crowdseemed entranced by the voice of the lead vocalist. After this brilliantrendition, the group went one step further and signed off with A.R.Rehman'sVande Mataram. At that moment, it was not so much the song itself but theenergy with which it was sung that made us realise that if songs still madeus feel this way, then there is hope for a better tomorrow for us as individuals, as people, as a nation and as humanity in all.


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