Friday, January 21, 2005

Death - A thriller Comedy

Milli,Jagan,Jimmy,Sunil,Manoj,Viniti and Prassana

'Death by evam', is an adaptation of Woody Allen's play 'Death', and when co-scripted with evam it lends itself into becoming a Thriller Comedy, the perfect recipe for wholesome entertainment. Richly garnished with mystery, intrigue and mayhem, the basic ingredient of comedy is tossed with love and romance, and served with a secret portion of Joie-De- Vivre (Joy of Life).
Through this exciting play, evam explores the meaning and importance of death and in turn Life- our life, with its dreams and failures, loves and betrayals, highs and lows, friends and foes.. all of whom we sometimes take for granted... True isn't it? In this mundane existence of 9-5 jobs and partying, who wants to take a break and think about the lives we lead, or of death... and when we do think of death.. isn't it always in future tense.. and not in the present?

But that may not be true, isn't it? Death is not a big glamorous dramatic event you can plan for, it doesn't have a face or footsteps or a soul - it's just a factual end which can happen to anyone anytime anywhere... but what we do have in hand right now is this moment, a moment... to savour, a dream... to achieve, a promise... to keep, a love... to acknowledge, a life... to live!
So do it now, and don't wait for tomorrow because life is in today's seconds- not in tomorrow's years...

'Death by evam' explores the one night adventure of a comb salesman - Richard Kleinman who is woken up from his deep sleep at 0230 hrs in the wee hours by his office colleagues only to drive him out of his house, the purpose - to be on a vigilante committee to catch a maniac who's on the loose in a mad cap city. The play traces this one night in the life of Kleinman, his encounters with various interesting people from different walks of life, their interpretations and theories on death and hence life! The play brings about the absurd humour of one man's plight amidst a city plagued with mystery, confusion and chaos. Amidst all this the mystery remains - who kills whom, and who is the Maniac....

The performance is backed by a 40-member team (23 people on stage and another 20 members in the crew, backstage and marketing teams). This team was formed out of the 'evam mega talent hunt auditions' which were conducted in March 2004 where more than 300 persons, young and old had auditioned. It has taken the expertise of many professionals from varied fields to come together to put this spectacle on stage in Chennai.

Last year, evam performed three mega stage productions- 'ART by evam', 'Python Hyssssteria by evam' and 'Love Letters by evam' to packed houses and this year promises to be bigger and better entertainment starting with contests, promotions and excitement leading to seven shows of 'Death by evam' to be followed by three more mega stage entertainers in Chennai.

The dates of the performance are June 11-13, and June 25-27 at the Sivagami Pethachi auditorium, Alwarpet at 1930 hrs. There will also be a special show on June 27 at 1430 hrs.


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