Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hamlet Hits Hyderabad!!!

In collaboration with the Dept of Culture, Govt of AP


by evam

Hamlet –the Original Spoof by evam comprises of 3 incredible actors (Shakespeare used a lot more) who try and make sense of the grand Shakespearean tragedy in true evam style (possibly because many of us do not understand His style) – whacky, freaky and bizarre. If you can't make sense of Hamlet or Shakespeare – then this is the show for you – coz umm, well, we can’t either!! :D
A super audience-interactive show, and an absolutely rollicking ride guaranteed!!

The Date: 25TH November
The Time: 6 pm

Donor passes available at:
Walden Book stores - Begumpet and Banjara Hills
Swayamkrushi - Trimulgherry, Sec’bad

Call 040-27992420, 27990741, 9391169078, 986616873, 9392473000 or 9849988262 for more details!

Some Reviews:

"The funniest show you are likely to see in your entire lifetime"

"An irreverent, fast-paced romp through the Shakespeare original"

"Slick, fast, interactive with the audience and very funny"

"Hilarious is an understatement, it was the three member enactment of Hamlet that was the clincher. Rip roaring"



Blogger Amina said...

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August 22, 2008 3:17 pm  
Blogger Amina said...

Hi Evam,
I'm Amina, working with Deloitte. Watched your show last evening.. trust me you guys are GREAT!!
Wishing you the best!!
Do keep me posted on all your shows in Hyd.. will ensure i encourage all the poor souls of this 'Kalyug' to forget their worries and LOL at your shows..
Keep up the hilarious work!!

August 22, 2008 3:18 pm  
Anonymous witchkingofanagram said...

Hello Evam,

I happened to catch your "Hamlet-The "original" Spoof" at Chowdiah on the 20th of Feb and well...I was extremely disappointed.

After directly ripping it off "The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged" (The Reduced Shakespeare Company), you guys call it an original spoof, without giving credit to the original creators, take your audience for granted and go on to deliver a sub-standard performance...after which you graciously accept a standing ovation (probably because you guys were standing on the shoulders of others). It is good that you call yourselves an "Entertainment Company" and not a "Theatre Group" but at least don't resort to plagiarism. Stand-up comics are quite in demand nowadays and you guys fit the bill perfectly..host game shows, talk shows..ANYTHING!! But please don't do any of the above under a garb of Theatre.
Being an active thespian myself, I can very well relate to the high of being loved and appreciated by the audience and watching your fan base grow. But while putting up a show, you can't take all your audience to be fools (even though they actually are stupid..collectively..The standing ovation proved that. Though there are intelligent chaps unevenly spread across, but the average IQ still goes down). What you guys did with the Hamlet Spoof and with "The Importance of Being Earnest" (25 Dec..chowdiah - Yes, I watched that as well) was an in-the-face insult to the audience. Though, I'm sure you did whatever you did with the "best intentions"..but such a thing would not have gone unnoticed for long.

I am no purist and I certainly don't consider it a crime to do only comedies just to entertain people and grow commercially, but at least respect yourselves and do whatever you do with some commitment. Else you waste the brilliant talent you have in the form your three frontmen (especially TMK) and the many more who "also" look forward to being in Evam. I apologise for being this direct and rude, but feedback like this is rare and it actually does help..so you will understand that I did so with the best intentions ;-) .
All the best! Hope to see some great new stuff from Evam soon.

February 21, 2009 5:18 pm  
Blogger mail said...

hello witchkingofanagram,

first of all thank you for writing in . you could have chosen to keep your thoughts to yourself but the fact that you shared with us makes a HUGE difference to us. so thanks again!

Would like to revert on a few things you wrote.
1. As you rightly say - we didnt have the intention to steal credit from the RSC. They are the original and the best and ours is only a tame copy of their work, the fact that we didnt mention it in our curtain call is a mistake at our end and we accept it but we didnt intend to plagiarise. infact if you see our website and any other publicity material we print we always mention rsc
so, appologies for the same. will take note for future.

also the term "original spoof" is meant to be a pun on the word original(since original and spoof are anti words)- it was not meant to say we are doing the original spoof and take credit, but since this is how it got mis-communicated we regret the miscommnuication.

2. evam is a happy factory and we dtell stories to create joy and happyness in people- we are not just a theatre company - hence doing plays like "importance..." "hamlet the spoof" is a conscious choice. we have also done "love letters" "eevam indrajit" and "art" but at the core we do put a sincere step forward when we tell a story. money for us is a byproduct. we created a business around theatre not because there was money in theatre but because we loved telling stories and we wanted to marry what we love and what we do for a living. am sorry if we dissapointed you. we will strive to tell better stories in future.sincerely.

3.an audience is an audience, they complete the circle of storytelling, they make a performance complete, they make our life alive. hence i would never judge them as stupid or intelligent. we will only have gratitude fir the fact that they chose to come and sit in chowdiah and be part of our lives.

so, we are thankful to all those who stood to applaud us as well as you who wrote to us because both of you want us to do better work, tell better stories- and make a difference and thats what we intend to do.

keep writing , keep watching. your feedback is very crucial for us and we will be very keen to know your reaction to our future endevours.

thanks and cheers
for evam

February 25, 2009 11:05 am  

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