Friday, June 23, 2006


"The Cut of Hamlet" by evam would play on 24th June,2006(7.15 pm), 25th June, 2006(2 pm and 7.15 pm), 30th June, 2006(7.15 pm) and 1st July, 2006(2 pm and 7.15 pm). Tickets are priced at Rs.500/200/100. For bookings call 98402-22363 or mail NOWWWW !!!!!!!!!!

Location: evam office
Time: one day to the premiere of ‘The Cut of Hamlet’
Activity: Early morning cups of chai…. final props and costumes check… actors breaking a leg (literally!!!!)…trying to find a way to make TMK look somewhat convincing as a female even while dealing with the hoards of fan mail coming in….hounding the enthu 25 of ‘The Cut’ to sell tickets…. Hmmmmm 

When asked what they were thinking one day before show, these were the responses we got…

“All the world’s a stage …and we’re hiding behind it” (Karthik Kumar, co-managing partner of evam & member of cast)

“Oh Shit!!” (TMK, member of cast)

“I’m very happy show is happening in one day” (Rohini, co-production head, also writer of Miss India punch lines  )

“Ummmmmmm….” (Password, lights guy)

The third member of the cast and co-managing partner of evam, Sunil Vishnu K was unavailable for comment.

- Megha


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