Tuesday, May 02, 2006

First step OVER......!!!!

.....and the first step is done .... auditions almost over....atleast i think so ... guess i should verify that with shooshaa :):) he he... yep... three evenings of auditions , auditions and more auditions ....
To start with ......at the beginning of every audition, we had an exercise, which either KK or Shoosha would initiate!! We had to stand around in a circle, and pretend that we were an elephant ......... in deeeeeepppp slumber ....( i would like to add here that the poor elephants were relocated, sadly, from their natural habitats (of the cool AC-d evam office or AIR-CON as Rohini chooses to call it) to sweltering rainforests...... ALL the fan were switched off in the room we were using at VIDYASAGAR) ........... and so the elephant is sleeping.... it's stilll sleeping ..... and a man with a gun walks towards the elephant, points it at ..well, 'it' (referring to the elephant,still) ... and SUDDENLY ... the elephant wakes up .. yelling "YABALABADAGAVABARANADJKFG..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ........ OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT!!!!!!

I truly believe that the best way to introduce new comers into the scene is to have them believe that it is ok to look foolish right from the start.... we needn't wait to get acquainted to behave similarly!!!

The auditions were fun... atleast for the team !!! Ppl who went up there made a great effort ... some were cool, some were kinky, some were nervous... but hey, i guess for all of them, it would have been a great experience!! It was great to hear the various interpretations of a random passage that we had chosen for them to enact... we had a range of ppl.. enacting scenes in parks and restaurants to being late for aerobics class!!!

So ppl, thats that ... and the wait to find out who finally made the CUT !!!!!

more later....

thats all for now, folks!!!

p.s. : PAVI IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Surekha said...

yep!! the auditions were fun...could u plz announce the results soon...it's getting difficult getting any work done with all the fingers crossed and walking seems like a task too with crossed toes...heeeeeee!!! awaiting eagerly

May 02, 2006 11:02 am  
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