Friday, April 21, 2006

Now, for those who want to make the "cut"........;-)

Last date for applying : 25th April, 2006

evam's first workshop after three years of its existence - yes, its going to be the whole rigmarole of applications, auditions, casting and most of all FUUUNNNNN !!!!!!!!!! While we, at the evam office, sit crunching our brains with the schedule for "the cut".... here's a little something for all those of you are loaded with enthusiasm, positivity and the willingness to DO!!!!!!!!

The programme would begin with a thorough introduction to the different aspects of theatre a.k.a. – Lighting, Acting, Production Design and theatre as a business.Lets face it, all four are literally the pillars of any production which all of us should have some idea about... now, each of these will be allotted different duration of hours taking into account relative importance.This will lead up to readings of the play, “The Cut” by Ed Monk and will subsequently lead to a number of exhaustive rehearsals where the chosen ones will be given specific responsibilities of staging this play – ranging from acting, lighting, on-stage production to the business of theatre, leading up to the show itself!

Auditions would be held between April 25 –May 1st, 2006 based on both the applications as well as a face-to-face interaction with us.The 25 "chosen ones" who make the cut will be given rigorous training in all the apects of theatre listed above, and will be handled by professionals in this field. It will be one hell of a hectic summer for these 25 as they would be swinging from workshop to readings to rehearsals during the may-june period, but believe me, its gonna be a roller-coaster ride of fun! The chosen 25 would handle every aspect from acting to lighting to stage management ....

Now what is all this going to lead up to ?????? YES !!! 5 grand, public shows in Chennai on the 24th and 25th of June, 2006 and 1st and 2nd July, 2006.The chosen ones would be handling every aspect of the production nearing show dates….. And on the D-Day, the show would be entirely theirs!!!!!!!!!!

So guys, pull up your socks, give the watermelon juice a break, and stop cribbing about the heat...... Now is your chance to have the experience of a lifetime... and what is even more thrilling???absolutely no experience, whatsoever, is required to be part of this workshop; as we put it, all that is required is enthusiasm, positivity, and a willingness to do!!!

Write to us at or call us at 98402-22363 to get an application form.
The last date for applying will be 25th April, 2006…..
Auditions will be held between April 25 –May 1st

So fellas, what are you waiting for?? HURRYY!!!!!!!
Rules and regulations apply!


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