Wednesday, January 25, 2006

FINALLY....... the shows....


I wish i could use a bigger font to say those lines, but heck, i guess it is not possible!!!!
After a whole afternoon of running around for extension wires, masking tape, buying frames for jennie's eyeglasses, doing some last minute ppt work and a whole lot of collaterals, six o clock finally came. Shooshaa by then had become a tiny,tense mouse hiding somewhere in the sound booth, backstage people were just hoping things would go alright, KK and TMK were doing some last minute run-throughs ....well lets just say there was a heavy blanket of tension hanging in the air!!
Our saturday show, despite the little glitches with sound and light cues, was awesome- it was actually a fund raiser or the rotary club of madras, and we saw a large number of people, rotarians or otherwise!!! After a point, the hall was so full that we had to bring in plastic chairs, however ugly they might have looked, served a purpose!
I stand by what I said, the show was awesome, especially for a person who has sat through the script readings when jennie and faye hadn't even materialised to when TMK and Andrea are actually on stage performing the part where George admits among many other things that he misses his previous wife!!!! One could definitely see a bit of fear in all of them - how are we going to be received?? I think these guys pulled off a great show!!!
We were certainly better prepared for Sunday.... everything was done well ahead of time, we had a lot of old evamites coming back either to help us, or as audience!By six forty five, Sivagami was just packed!!!!!! It was extrmely heartening for us to see the audi that way!! After our huddle, we went over all the instructions that we had to keep in mind- our post-show analysis on saturday night had showed us a lot more things that could have been done to avoid the glitches!! The regular evam-audience was there waiting with bated breadth to see how this spell would go- I would, in retrospect and otherwise, say it went "awsum" !!!! The show started, and there was much more ease on sunday than there was on saturday, everyone was better versed with the cues, Andrea and TMK pulled off a great one when Andrea dropped a bottle of water (and the phone) in one of the scenes! Kunni was just awesome- especially in the second half - indeed being the "life" of the play....
Well here we are now... back to database calling, SMS campaigns and ticketing - getting geared up for the weekend - catch one of the three shows this time, people!!!

For you print-crazy people;-) catch our review at

thats all folks!!!!

- anushaaaaa


Blogger meenakshi said...

the play was awesome.jenne looked very pretty and karthik looked handsome

January 30, 2006 3:49 pm  

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