Friday, January 06, 2006

Full Steam Ahead

Database emails have been sent, danglers now flank every corner of ....err.. Landmark and Odessey, Posters have been put up..... and yes, rehearsals for "chapter two" are going on full steam ahead!!!! I walked into yet another meeting and found the stage-design for chapter two ready and up on the computer! Karuna, our very own "Faye", had her rehearsal with Andrea(Jennie Malone of evam's chapter two) a few hours..... but they kicked off even prior to our Directors' arrival!
Post KK and Shoosha's arrival, dialogues were re-worked and re-done giving both the actors a brand new perspective on the characters they play, the movement, the demeanor, everything!! Interesting to note as a sheepishly passive observor, was the little dance KK resorts to doing each time he is deep in thought!
And with this, we start phase three( or should i say "chapter three" ........ ok..however corny that was, it was still worth it, i couldn't resist) of our operation i.e. watch out for evam promos.. coming up very soon !!!!
ok ok.... i shall next want to comment on the latest addition to our ofice the whiteboard. But that calls for a seperate update altogether!

- Anushaaaaa


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