Wednesday, April 19, 2006

....annnndddd ...... ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP!! It's gonna be a lonnnggg summer... watermelon juice, Watching a boring movie in Satyam to stay in an AC hall for three hours, lots of cribbing about the heat( good lord! it wont be chennai without the heat and we wont be humans without the cribbing!!!) ... but evam is back in action!!! ( yea, we anyway never tire....... but you guys are going to be part of it this year!!)

Now most of you would be thinking this is another boring update about the "coming-up-next" of PYTHON HYSSSTERIA 2 ... thats been "coming up" quite a bit on our blog now!
Wellll, thats anyway scheduled for the summer, but first things first!!

now for the more immediate.....

this is what is up at evam ........

evam presents....

A Theatre Workshop culminating in a Mega Stage Production

25 youngsters ( Age group of 18-25) will be trained over a 2 month period (May-June ) to actually produce evam’s next production – The Cut.

evam is looking for enthusiasm, positivity and a willingness to Do!

25 youngsters will be shortlisted based on a face to face interaction.
Course Fee (if selected) : Rs 2,000 /-

Send in your profile to and we will mail you the Application Form,
Or visit us at for further information.

The Cut by evam (Final Stage Production premieres in June ’06)

Will you make The Cut?!!


Anonymous Surekha said...

Hey, the cap on age is not fair... am 32, don't look a day older that 16 ( kidding), so am f%@#&@ both ways....i guess a meeting would do no harm, so how about selecting my profile and giving it a chance...for all u know i could turn out to be the protagonist of the show...

April 24, 2006 2:54 pm  

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