Monday, June 12, 2006

For the first ever time......

This season, evam brings a one-minute, hot off the censor board, first ever trailer of a stage-production for the double-comedy festival that starts on 24th June, 2006! Three weirdoes from the Shakespearean era, out of nowhere, land up in Chennai. Bad enough they are trapped in a location and era far, far removed from their time, they are complete misfits even in the Shakespearean era …funny costumes, weird get-ups and moreover misplaced sense of identities, which have taken the city by storm!!

The video has an expert touch to it, having been shot on a DV camera, edited by Nandini and Sudhir, having been shot by a thoroughly professional outfit at photographer Sunder's studio and of course, Shoo and KK having scripted/directed it and sitting through looong hours of editing............Its now finally ready!

The trailer would be regularly screened at Satyam and Sree this month. Watch out for this video on from 13th June, 2006!!


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