Thursday, August 25, 2005

Grand Unified Theory....

I have hit upon it- the world philosophy – the simplest truth- the theory that explains all states of existence – the Grand Unified theory…….

All Life- and by that I mean, Especially Mine –
Is made up of two states of existence –

One, in which,
I want to be that Dog lying on the road –
With not a worry in the world or any place to go,
Nothing to lose its hair over,
Happy, furry and asleep.

And the Other, in which,
I want to wake that Dog lying on the road –
Hurry it into a manic frenzy because all our days are numbered, and we are already up to the late nineties,
Make it squeal and leap,
Impassioned, balding and in search of god.

Two states of existence,
Its all in there- all of it- right there…..

Thank you.

Ps- the problem with a Grand Unified theory is that it friggin explains all.
What do I write tomorrow?
Be the Dog on the road – basking and furry?
Or the Dog on the road – undoing God and in a hurry?

Its scary when you are right… have the last word- and you hear the echo all night…..

-- KK

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's Playtime folks!

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