Monday, February 28, 2005


Day 2 of the reading of evam Indrajit and as all of us sat around, there were a few more people from the previous day, as Pavi and Karuna(the overall team leads for Barefoot in the Park) had also joined us. The reading started with Bhagyam reassigning different people to read the lines of the different characters. Act two started and with most of the setting the same as the first reading, we all participated in the reading.End of act two and there was a minor pause, where some of the roles were reassigned.With this done, we plunged into act three. At the end of the reading, Bhagyam asked everybody as to what they thought about the two acts which had been read. Some interesting views were thrown up with some people thinking that there was a lot of redundancy in act two and three. The reason for this, some felt was that in act one Indrajit was questioning what he saw around him but it seemed to have been overdone in act two and act three. The question of how to approach people with this play seemed to polarise the team into two where some felt that we should just let people come and watch and decide for themselves whereas there were others who felt that we should let the audience know about the gravity of the play. In the end, we all split with homework from Bhagyam to read the script and suggest what we would like to add or remove...should make for an interesting second reading.

Reading-Day one

Sat through the first reading with evam of the new play that we intend to do in june, evam Indrajit by Badal Sircar. There were 13 of us sitting in a circle and reading the play.evam Indrajit is a play that evam has been looking to do for a long while and it is also the reason why evam calls itself "evam". The setting consisted of an open terrace, a light wind, dimming light, with a moon of no particular form and 13 of us reading evam Indrajit. After we finished reading the first act, and we were asked to give our first impressions about what we had read, we thought we were not sure we had formed an opinion but as the discussion continued we all discovered a variety of things, some that we had not noticed and some that we had only subconsciously noticed but not attached importance to. It brought up an interesting topic about rules applied to women and whether the play itself was dated, in the sense that was it relevant in today's world and about Indrajit himself. Looking forward to reading act two today.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Barefoot in the Park - The Show

The venue of the play

Delivery man(Manoj),telephone man(Sunil) and Corie(Andrea)

Mr.Velasco(Neelu),Mrs.Banks(Karthik Srinivasan),Corie and Paul(Karthik Kumar)

Paul and Corie in fight sequence

Team evam

and more

and even more

Monday, February 07, 2005

Our weekend shows - a report

The walk barefoot, the sing barefoot for a cause, the light music concert,the movie screenings of "Barefoot in the park" at the Park and in the end, the play itself, "Barefoot in the Park". It was a culmination of the efforts put in over 3 months and in the end, evam did not let their patrons down.

Starting from the decor of the venue to minute details like oiling of doors, attention to detail was the motto of this production. It was an attempt to make this production, evam's best managed production. The area around Sivagami had an almost festive-like atmosphere as the audience started coming in from 6:30. The front-end team did a superb job at managing people and the show started by 7:15 with the wedding of Paul and Corie. The mime before the wedding had Aishwarya and Manikandan dancing with grace and elan.The play started and the audience was engrossed in the domestic life of Paul and Corie.During the interval, the Albanian restaurant scene was enacted outside the auditoriun with Mr.Velasco, Mrs.Banks, Paul and Corie and an entourage of dancers.The second half featured the ups and downs of their married life and how Paul and Corie dealt with them.

End result- a satisfied and visibly beaming audience

In the last show, there was a major problem with the lights. However, Ishwar, one of the crew members descended and took it upon himself to see to it that the show went on.This is to salute Ishwar and the evam team for having pulled off a great show and for having the fire to go on and "better themselves".

All those who came and watched our show over the weekend, please tell us what you thought of it....and we are back the next weekend!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

And the show is here !!!!

EVAM's play, `Barefoot in the Park'

Sivagami Pethachi(behind lifestyle, alwarpet):
February 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 at 7:15pm

Hotel Savera:
February 19 and 20 at 7:15pm

TICKET bookings:
Ph: 98842-77338

don't miss it !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Barefoot in the Park movie screenings

You can read all about it at....

Kiruba, Guru and other leading bloggers in the city were invited to Park to watch the movie "Barefoot in the Park".


The Wedding

The Press Premiere
As twilight approached,the entire "Team evam" came together and assembled at the aqua pool side at the Park Hotel, Chennai. The setting could not have been more appropriate for Paul and Corie to start their marriage. At the reception were Mahita,Vijay and Vaishnavi welcoming the people from the press, the sponsors and the various friends and well-wishers of evam. The setting near the pool side had cabanahs for the people to sit and a small place decorated with flowers and candles where the wedding took place.As the time approached, the crowd managers took their positions near the pool side. The atmosphere was filled with love ballads by Ishwar playing them from the sound box. At 7:05, the priest(Sunil Vishnu) entered and met the guests who had come for the wedding.Then Paul Bratter(Karthik Kumar) walked in.The bride(Andrea) seemed to have taken a little too long as the groom started getting apprehensive. Then suddenly a figure in white dashed across the pool side and with her came in the bridesmaid and the best man.The couple assembled in front of the priest and seemed deeply in love.They exchanged their vows and when the priest said-"You may now kiss the bride" the entire entourage of the bride and the groom broke out into a dance, the energy of which seemed infectious.From here the guests were lead to Pasha, for the wedding party where the bride and the groom cut the wedding cake and left for their honeymoon to the Plaza for 6 nights.In the end, it was a superbly organised and executed show with every aspect handled meticulously and it was a pleasure to see such a team as this, in action.

-Your special correspondent